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My name is Amy, I am 5″ 5″, strawberry blonde, slender, with dangerous curves, long legs, soft lily white skin and full luscious red lips. I can be that "girl next door" or I can be sassy spoiled brat who needs to be put in her place... I am bubbly submissive girl with the nice, round bottom, who loves having fun and I am very open-minded to exploring.

I love to play incredibly sexy and extremely naughty girl who gets her sexy bare bottom soundly spanked and then spanked again... ! If I am being bratty, chances are I am pushing to see how much I can get away with before you take action. Finding out how long you will take my brattiness until I get "the look" or a verbal warning with *that* tone…or no warning before I'm over your lap or knee. It is also my way of giving you a reason to spank me…in case just being me isn't reason enough.

I want to experience pain and the pleasures of being submissive and I am open to exploring my ever-changing desires. I am also ridiculously ticklish and while exploring bondage I have discovered that being tied up is great fun!

Visit me in Baker Street / Marylebone area.

Sub Amy
TEL: 07725 879 382