X Factor star was an escort…


X Factor star was an escort...  X FACTOR hopeful Francesca Leigh led a secret life as a s150-an-hour escort before joining the hit ITV1 show.

The 22-year-old singer boasted to friends of raking in cash in exchange for companionship and even said she was proud of her job.

Millions of viewers who last night saw the single mum trying to make it through to the judges houses stage will be shocked to learn she used to sell her {services to rich businessmen.

Francesca, known as Chess, advertised herself through one Manchester-based escort agency site just months before her X Factor audition.

A source said: Chess wasn’t ashamed to admit what she was doing. In fact, she was actually pretty chuffed with it.

She thought it was a compliment that she was pretty enough to do it and enjoyed the lifestyle she was able to lead as a result of the cash she earned.

Our revelation comes just one day after the family show was hit by a scandal involving favourite Lascel Woods.

The 20-year-old starred on a hardcore porn website in a solo sex film which punters forked out around s5 to watch.

Lascel denies making money from the video.

But a second source said: First there was the news about Lascel.

Now we have another hopeful with a secret past. The judges wouldn’t expect one of their finalists, if she gets that far, to be involved in anything like this. It is claimed Francesca who brazenly calls herself a boyfriend thief/binge drinker on her Myspace page turned to escorting when she was 18.

She worked for an agency in Manchester and would travel to meet clients from her home in Chorley, Lancs.

At the time she was dating childhood sweetheart Lee Thompson, 23, on and off.

A source said: Chess enjoyed it. She would boast about how all the men liked her because she was so pretty.

The money was good. She saved up enough to go to on a trip to New York with her best friend. Not many 18-year-olds can afford to do that.

Lee was unaware of Chesss extra curricular activities.

Francesca then moved to London to attend Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, where it is thought she carried on working as an escort.

A friend of Lee the father of Francesca’s two-year-old son told how he was horrified when he visited her in the capital city and found a business card saying high quality escort agency for elite and beautiful companions.

The pal said: Lee was devastated. He couldn’t believe it. She told him it was to fund her way through stage school.

When Francesca’s relationship with Lee became more serious she told him she had given up escort work because she loved him and knew he hated her doing it.

Shortly after, Chess fell pregnant and moved to Chorley before the baby was born.

She and Lee moved in together but the relationship ended.

Our source said: Lee didnt trust Chess. He has thought about getting back with her on several occasions because deep down he still loves her but he knows it would never work.

He thinks she is a great mum but knows they wont be together as a couple again.

Since their break-up, according to pals, Francesca has had a string of conquests but no serious relationships.

Her Facebook and Myspace sites are filled with dozens of pictures of her which were taken three years ago on boozy nights out with pals. There is one of her wearing a skimpy pink bra and knickers posing provocatively on a bed.

On Facebook she jokes: Just thinking about how many super injunctions I’m going to have to take out a reference to the scandal earlier this year involving celebs taking out gag orders.

Friends discovered Francesca advertising her services on a Manchester-based site again a few months before she auditioned for X Factor.

When one confronted her she initially denied it was her, but later confessed it was.

The friend said: People have tried to tell her she is letting herself and others down but she doesnt get it.

They’ve told her shes a pretty, talented girl who is worth more than that.

Francesca has vowed she has given it up for good but friends fear she may have simply stopped doing it while X Factor is on.

Last night Chess auditioned as a solo singer but was seen being put into a band called The Lovettes by the judges.

Tonight viewers will see whether the group makes it to the judges houses section.

Pals say Francesca is renowned in her home town for her dozens of male conquests.

But last night a friend said: Chess is devastated by the claims which she says are completely untrue. She says she is really hurt that someone could make up these lies about her. All she wants to do is provide a good life for her child and concentrate on her music career.

After we approached X Factor, Francesca’s Myspace site was taken down.


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