It’s not easy to shock porn star Chanel Preston, but that was what happened, she says, when City National Bank closed her personal account without explanation.

“When I went to deposit my check, my account had been shut down. They didn’t explain why,” Preston said. “I asked, ‘Is it because I do porn?’”

The bank didn’t answer. Preston said she felt humiliated and that a “basic human right had been infringed upon.”

Almost a year later, Preston says she never received a response to queries as to why her account was closed, amid reports — corroborated to Al Jazeera by adult entertainment trade …

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The French police obsessively tracked the kept women of 18th-century Paris. Why?

An hour with a prostitute costs on average $150, though prices can range from as low as $5 for a single sex act to $1,000 an hour, the going rate for “high-end” online escort services in Miami. Many of those in the sex trade were encouraged by family members to take up sex work. Pimps rely as much if not more on emotional manipulation than physical violence to control their sex workers.

These are some of the findings of a recently released study by the Urban Institute describing the structure of the underground commercial …

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Female “companions” come in all shapes, sizes and prices. However, the ones we hear about the most are the high class escorts who make an incredible living being the recipients of both cash and prizes. In fact, in many instances, these ladies of the night make as much as some of the top traders on Wall Street.

With today’s technology, escort services and independents are able to peddle their services on the Internet for all the world to see. Photo galleries, thinly veiled services, prices and specific instructions are now available for the shrewd millionaire escort who likes to shop. There …

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How does $40 an hour sound? You can work from your own home, pick your own hours, wear as little as you choose.

According to there are more than 8 million users of the online virtual world Red Light Centre, visiting virtual sex clubs, bars, strip joints and brothels armed with packets of virtual money. You could help them spend it!

An adult version of Second Life, which also hosts virtual prostitutes, Red Light Centre offers animated avatars for users to manipulate: ‘There are dozens of actions (sex positions, BDSM moves, etc) that you and the customer can command your character …

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No brothels or red light districts: prostitution will be permitted in private houses, subject to certain conditions, including the use of condoms. These are just some of the points of the draft law, which was presented today at a press conference in the senate by the politician, Maria Spillabotte, along with other senators. It’s a cross-party bill proposed by the Democratic Party but also supported by Alessandra Mussolini.

“This doesn’t mean reopening brothels,” says senator Spillabotte. “Rather, it’s regulation of prostitution. While on the one hand, it recognises the rights and obligations of sex workers, including paying taxes, on the other hand it …

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That sex sells is an undisputed truth; that it pays is more debatable. In recent years, the surge in the number of young women entering the sex industry has increased, indicating that there is some truth to this. The fact that the sex industry can pay far more than a minimum wage job cannot be ignored.

Take Belle Knox, for example. Describing herself as an “acclaimed porn performer” and “sex-positive feminist,” the Duke University student and aspiring lawyer made global headlines when she turned to porn at the age of 18 to pay for her education. Knox received widespread vitriol from …

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The crackdown on prostitution has turned actor Rupert Everett into an urban campaigner who bitterly regrets the social cleansing of London’s infamous red light district.

There’s a lot of talk about the revitalisation of city centres, skyrocketing rents and the flight from (rather than to) the suburbs. What almost nobody talks about, however, is how all this plays out for prostitution – with the notable exception of Rupert Everett.

As part of his ongoing campaign to stick up for sex workers and the red light districts they call the office, and ahead of the screening of his documentary Love for Sale on …

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British LGBTI organizations have been challenged to speak up for sex workers at a meeting organized by the English Collective of Prostitutes.

But when a group called Queer Strike ‘named and shamed’ LGBTI organizations who they said were refusing to help decriminalize sex work in the country, the picture they gave was misleading.

GSN have spoken to the organizations they said wouldn’t back their campaign. But we found in most cases it simply wasn’t part of those organizations’ remits. This is a particular issue under British charity law, which means they have to stick to their stated ‘charitable aims’.

A spokesman for Stonewall, …

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I was packing my bags, looking forward to a week trip to the Feminist Porn Awards and the Feminist Porn Conference, having finally earned enough through my Patreon patron-funded writing to travel and have a bit of a cushion when I got back. Payments would be processed at the beginning of the month, and I welcomed the assurance of my first paycheck that would pay my rent. I was finding it refreshing to be making a living (albeit barely) through getting paid to write on my experiences in the sex industry, giving me some hope that I could transition out and still …

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Everyone knows about the lady of choice for the sea’s most successful pirates. But who were these women that drew their attention?

Whores, Doxies, Three-penny-uprights, Cracks, Harlots, Fire ships. Whether in Black Sails or a history book, everyone knows who pirates spend time with.  Prostitutes. The pirate and the pirate’s wench are inseparable. Who were these women that claimed the attention of men who terrorized the world?

It’s been estimated that thirty percent of women in the 18th century worked as prostitutes at some time in their lives. In a world where women were not allowed jobs, property or control over their own existence, prostitution …

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