According to new ‘official data’, prostitution is contributing around £5bn a year to the British economy. Dr Brooke Magnanti, a former sex worker, doesn’t think the numbers add up

As a former escort, I can say with confidence that nearly everything you know, or think you know, about the money involved in sex work is wrong. And while I don’t know much if anything about the black market for illegal drugs, I’ll take a punt that most of the numbers flying around to do with that are wrong, too.

Which is why it’s a good thing – yes that’s right, I said …

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“Sex work” is such a catch-all term that it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it means. It can be voluntary or involuntary. It can mean anything from pole dancing to stripping to prostitution to therapy. With a term so hard to pin down, forming an opinion about the definition becomes equally complex.

The 11 films on this list walk outside the boundaries of the industry and show us just how vast and diverse the world surrounding this occupation can be. The majority of sex workers aren’t fantastical bleached-blond porn starlets with larger-than-life boob jobs: They’re real working people who get frustrated …

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Greater Jakarta is a place where one can find a considerable potential for escort services and sex hotspots. Jakarta has a number of un-marketed red light districts that are popular among the expat communities.

Low cost of living and the immense potential for tourism is attracting a large number of high-income expats to Indonesia. In 2012, Indonesia is a host to about 55,010 expats and the figures are on the rise as more people are encouraged to take advantage of the booming economy. The increased presence of expats in the country has served as a root cause for sprouting entertainment businesses …

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If you’re thinking of playing with handcuffs, here’s a tip: Don’t hide the key anywhere near your genitals. An anonymous woman who appeared on a recent episode of Sex Sent Me to the E.R. (one of the best offerings from TLC — formerly The Learning Channel) is laughing about the incident on TV now, but she wasn’t laughing when she and her partner had to rush to the emergency room because their romantic role-playing had gone very, very wrong.

The couple was acting out the age-old story of a beautiful princess being kidnapped by a sex-starved dragon with a BDSM fetish …

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Sex work is probably one of the most controversial topics of our times, the oldest profession in history. The past 100 years have seen many shifts in public perception of the sex industry from good time girls to girls for sale.

As a sex worker of 10 years who has been involved in activism and policy work, I have heard the full gamut of assumptions people make about the industry, which is easy to do — the media does not allow much room for nuanced portrayals of the lives of sex workers.

Such perceptions can lead to increased stigma, dangerous laws and …

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We’re living through a libertarian moment.

No, libertarianism hasn’t consistently changed how Americans think about taxation, government regulation, or foreign policy. But it is transforming how we think about morality. We can see it in rapidly changing views about gay marriage, in the growing acceptance of recreational marijuana usage, and in the rise of a non-judgmental outlook on sex and pleasure more generally.

Behavior that was once judged harshly in explicitly moral terms (and often penalized by law) is increasingly viewed in explicitly amoral terms. Or rather, a wide range of moral judgments has been reduced to a single one: individual consent.

A …

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Companies may be monitoring your personal activity — and, as Eden Alexander learned, the reason will horrify you

When adult performer Eden Alexander was put out of work by a near-fatal medical emergency, she turned to her community for help with expenses. She did not know that by using social media to share messages of support from friends and colleagues — doing what anyone does in a crowd-funding campaign these days — she risked losing all the money she raised.

But that’s just what happened. On May 17, when payment processor WePay emailed Alexander to inform her they were canceling her medical …

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Web cam workers, street corner prostitutes, high class escorts and porn stars have all contributed ideas to write an opera which some of them will perform in, to de-stigmatise the work they do.

The Sex Workers’ Opera, which will be staged at The Courtyard Theatre next week, has been devised through a series of community workshops backed by the Royal Opera House.

At least half of the opera’s performers work in the sex industry, but to ensure anonymity for all those who do not want to be “outed” in the media, the whole cast has promised not to give away whether they …

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London and New York top the charts when it comes to using escort agencies – further proof that high-flying professionals working in the World’s busiest cities have the least amount of time to form conventional relationships.

London, the entertainment hub of the UK, is touted as one of the best cities in the World for fine dining, theatre and evening entertainment.

With a cultivation of thousands of high-flying executives working in the city amongst the various financial, IT and legal based companies – working an average 12 hour days – is it any surprise that many execs don’t have the time to …

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An eccentric plan for an Amsterdam bar that allegedly offers its Muslim visitors “halal” prostitutes has been announced by a Belgian news agency, an idea expected to raise controversy among the city’s Muslim population.

“As everyone else, there are Muslims who want to go to prostitutes and could not do so without violating their religion,” Jonathan Swik, the future manager of the bar and former manager of a hotel in Gembloux, told Nord Presse last week.

“Today, thanks to the Croissant chaud, all Muslims wishing to indulge can do so without committing the haram,” he added.

According to the Belgian news agency Nord …

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