One hour with an escort? Better than with the psychologist!

One hour with a call girl? Better than with the psychologistMore than 1 man out of 10 (13%) hires a female escort because he only wants to talk. Paying up to € 500 per hour just to find someone who listens to him. Outbursts and complaints about the partner who neglects him, problems at work or very private confessions that he would never confess to his best friend. These are the most in vogue topics among those who turn to these sex workers. At the top of the ranking with regard to the most strange fantasies, with 30.5% we find the “infantilism” (or Age Play). It seems that, during sex, men like to be treated as babies. Second place, with 27%, for the so-called “strap on”. Third position for the role-playing game (19.5%). These are the findings of a survey released by the Italian web portal “Sex and Rome” and conducted by the dating site “Incontri Ticino” on a sample of 260 girls interviewed on the most absurd requests received from their clients.

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