Google ‘CBSE’ and an escort service site shows up :)

Google is supposed to know everything. In fact, it’s almost a verb now with people saying “just Google it”. But if you happen to “just Google” the keywords CBSE then you are in for a surprise, rather a shock. The first website to show up under the Central Board of Secondary Education banner is actually a prostitution service site which claims to be based in Chandigarh. The genuine CBSE site comes in second.

Google ‘CBSE’ and an escort service site shows up

While the central board is serious about sex education in schools, this is certainly not what it had in mind. While the escort site’s address is similar to its name, ‘Independent Escort Girls’, it is the keywords used in the site which have placed it on the top of Google’s search results for CBSE.

According to the site, it is owned and operated by a person called Nawaab from Chandigarh. TOI spoke to Nawaab (his number was available on the site) but he feigned ignorance about the CBSE connection.

“This site’s designing and search engine optimization was outsourced so I have no idea what is going on. I certainly did not suggest these keywords,” said Nawaab. Sensing that unwanted attention, and lots of it, is coming his way, Nawaab went on the defensive.

“By Tuesday everything will get sorted out and no one will ever find any online connection with CBSE. It has to be a problem from the outsourced company’s side and I had no role to play in it. I shall ensure that the mistake is rectified,” said Nawaab.

But it seems that time has run out for Nawaab. CBSE is already fuming over the escort site’s misuse of its copyright name. Vineet Joshi, chairman of the central board, said, “We will file an FIR against the site and the people behind it as this is totally unacceptable.”

Google’s web dynamics keep getting more attention for the escorts’ site as the latter has notched up 13 reviews from netizens. One comprehensive review was in fact for the genuine CBSE site but finds itself attached here.

Whether the site purposely used CBSE as a keyword may be known after the police step in, but cyber experts say that the central board won’t be able to flex its muscles here.

Mahendra Limaye, a city-based cyber law advocate, said, “The escort site’s web address does not use the word ‘CBSE’ so it is clear that the keywords used for search engine optimization do include it. Now whose fault is it really? I doubt if Nawaab can be booked for this. The website designers can use any keywords which can help them optimize the search results and show their site on top of others. It is not illegal to use keywords.”


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