Dutch Bar to Offer “Halal” Prostitutes

Dutch Bar to Offer “Halal” ProstitutesAn eccentric plan for an Amsterdam bar that allegedly offers its Muslim visitors “halal” prostitutes has been announced by a Belgian news agency, an idea expected to raise controversy among the city’s Muslim population.

“As everyone else, there are Muslims who want to go to prostitutes and could not do so without violating their religion,” Jonathan Swik, the future manager of the bar and former manager of a hotel in Gembloux, told Nord Presse last week.

“Today, thanks to the Croissant chaud, all Muslims wishing to indulge can do so without committing the haram,” he added.

According to the Belgian news agency Nord Presse, the inauguration of the new bar is planned next June.

Named «Croissant chaud», the new bar would allegedly offer halal prostitutes to Muslim customers interested in the services offered by the bar and who might have religious concerns.

The agency claims that the bar idea was approved by three “moderate” imams who have drafted rules and conditions governing this place.

“Our criteria to certify halal hostesses were developed in partnership with 3 open, moderate imams,” Swik said.

These conditions include that prostitutes have a total ban on drugs or alcohol and are tested every 2 months.

They will also have to perform their five daily prayers, even if some of them should be performed during a service, he added.

However, Swik did not clarify how relations between unmarried couples would be made lawful in the new bar.

Muslims make up one million of the Netherlands’s 16 million population, mostly from Turkish and Moroccan origin.

Allah created the sexual desire in humans. It is as normal as is the desire for food or shelter.

Yet, Islam is aware of educating man on the proper way of satisfying his desire in the light of its noble teachings.

Sexual relations are allowed only among the married couples. Sex outside marriage is not allowed in Islam.


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