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As many as 42% of escorts are men, according to new data from analysis site importio.

Far more men could be working as escorts than you might expect, according to data collected by importio, a web-based data scraper.

Importio analysed the profiles of thousands of members of AdultWork, which is according to them, the most popular site for advertising by sex workers in the UK.

There, 42% of men advertising escorting services were men. This flies in the face of common expectations on the gender divide in sex work.

According to government numbers, there are NO male prostitutes

Think that looking at online profiles on …

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Prostitution is often called the oldest job in history. While that seems like a less-than-realistic claim, it doesn’t change the fact that the sale and purchase of sex has been around for millennia and will likely continue despite the various efforts to ban it. However, that hasn’t stopped some from trying. Take, for example, a Russian politician who recently suggested that people caught with prostitutes ought to face a fine and prison term–unless they agree to marry the sex worker!

Prostitution is somewhat illegal in Russia at the moment. The Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation stipulates that engaging in …

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Flashbulbs light up for a gay porn star hawking DVDs as Julius Dreyer blithely threads his way through booths touting everything from dildos and depilatory cream to accounting services (“Sex and Tax?”).

Taking part in the world’s largest trade show for “erotic lifestyles” is old hat for this young entrepreneur, who’s been in the adult industry practically as long as he’s been an adult. But his latest venture may be the most controversial here.

As Germany continues to debate the legalization of prostitution a decade ago, Dreyer is promising to make it safer and reduce exploitation. In 2009 he and his two …

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More than 1 man out of 10 (13%) hires a female escort because he only wants to talk. Paying up to € 500 per hour just to find someone who listens to him. Outbursts and complaints about the partner who neglects him, problems at work or very private confessions that he would never confess to his best friend. These are the most in vogue topics among those who turn to these sex workers. At the top of the ranking with regard to the most strange fantasies, with 30.5% we find the “infantilism” (or Age Play). It seems that, during sex, …

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THE ECONOMIST has analysed 190,000 profiles of female sex workers on websites where customers post reviews. The data cover 84 cities in 12 countries, with the biggest number of workers in America and most of the rest in big cities in rich countries. According to our analysis, the price of an hour of sex with a female prostitute has been dropping fairly steadily in recent years. In 2006 the average cost was around $340. By 2014 it had dropped to about $260.

A prostitute’s hourly rate depends on a variety of factors, including the services she provides and her reported physical …

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HI FOLKS, the most dreaded day of the week strikes again, made even more delightful by my yapping trolls as Hels Bels has her say on the world once again.

And they’ll have a bloody field day with this week’s topic, so happy clicking.

Right, straight to it: prostitution, brass, hooker… whatever you want to call it, they all amount to the same thing – selling your body. Just some words are more fierce than others, say whore vs. escort.

Last week, I watched This Morning as a guy explained how he’d lost his virginity after paying for it. Turns out he just …

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I’m neither a happy hooker nor a sad stripper. I don’t have a boyfriend in jail, any kids or a drug habit. I’m a writer, teacher and stripper.

If 10,000 hours clocked in as a stripper makes me an expert, then I’m at the top of my game. Twenty-two years ago I followed my friend into one of San Francisco’s oldest, sleaziest clubs in the Tenderloin, because it seemed like an interesting job that could offer financial relief and sexual empowerment.

Initially, my goal was to pay my rent and afford my exorbitant college tuition …

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  • The racy objects are being put on display in London at the Wellcome Collection’s ‘Institute of Sexology’
  • Among them is Wilhelm Reich’s ‘Orgone’, a simple metal-lined box which claims to induce sexual pleasure
  • The curators of the ‘Institute of Sexology’ in London hope that visitors will try the box out for themselves
  • Exhibition, opening 20th of November, studies work of ‘sexperts’ such as Sigmund Freud and Marie Stopes

The cure for all society’s problems is for people to have frequent orgasms.
At least that was the claim of Austrian psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, in 1940 when he created a sex box dubbed the ‘Orgone’.
Now a replica …

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The subject of erotica has a way of making people uncomfortable.

Some might break into schoolboy titters in the face of mature art — a harmless enough response when you stop to think that in the past, artists with a penchant for sexual depictions have actually been killed (or very nearly).

Reverend Ted McIlvenna — who, with 28 warehouses storing more than three million pieces of erotica, may own the world’s largest collection — recalls the life of Alexander Szekely, a Hungarian artist and collector who was ultimately put to death for his racy sketches.

“His work was hidden away for 30 years, …

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The internet is making the buying and selling of sex easier and safer. Governments should stop trying to ban it

STREET-WALKERS; kerb-crawlers; phone booths plastered with pictures of breasts and buttocks: the sheer seediness of prostitution is just one reason governments have long sought to outlaw it, or corral it in licensed brothels or “tolerance zones”. NIMBYs make common cause with puritans, who think that women selling sex are sinners, and do-gooders, who think they are victims. The reality is more nuanced. Some prostitutes do indeed suffer from trafficking, exploitation or violence; their abusers ought to end up in jail for …

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