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The art of prostitution has pretty much been around since the dawn of civilization, practiced as far back as Ancient Greece. While it still exists in various forms today, and legislated on different levels depending on the country, a small group of licensed private investigators over in Australia are being solicited by councils all over the state to infiltrate and uncover secret brothels.

Appropriately named, John is 60 years old, divorced, and is one of these so-called “brothel busters,” who gets paid to have sex with prostitutes in the name of the law. John tells Australian News that he’s not paid …

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 Camgirls—models who earn their living by stripping (and more) in front of a computer webcam for hundreds of people watching live online—are taking advantage of the Internet’s freedoms to work anywhere.

The adult webcam industry currently tops $1 billion in revenue a year and is growing fast. Collectively, the sites are estimated to be visited daily by some 5 percent of the Web’s global users. And the number of models is increasing.

But while many of those models may claim to be from the U.S., the large majority operate overseas. The percentage of cam girls who are based in the U.S. ranges …

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 Google has changed its mind about forcing sexually explicit blogs on its Blogger platform to become private.

Earlier this week, the firm warned bloggers that blogs containing sexually explicit images and videos would be made private on 23 March.

After “a ton of feedback” the firm has decided to continue with its current policy instead, it says.

Explicit blogs must continue to identify themselves as “adult”.

This means a warning page is shown before readers are transferred to the site.

Google also reserves the right to add an “adult” tag to Blogger blogs if it feels the description is appropriate.

The “acceptable use” policy link currently …

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On the lawn outside Parliament, dozens of British couples showed their anger at new government rules that ban female ejaculation in porn by, well, riding the nose pony.

Only in Britain could a mass pornography protest come served with lashings of hot tea and the musical accompaniment of Monty Python.

In the shadow of the Houses of Parliament in central London, demonstrators gathered on rugs to discuss politics and politely sit on each other’s faces. The protest against censorship of pornography was to take the form of a world-record attempt, but Guinness refused to sanction the event and, in the end, no …

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Google is supposed to know everything. In fact, it’s almost a verb now with people saying “just Google it”. But if you happen to “just Google” the keywords CBSE then you are in for a surprise, rather a shock. The first website to show up under the Central Board of Secondary Education banner is actually a prostitution service site which claims to be based in Chandigarh. The genuine CBSE site comes in second.

While the central board is serious about sex education in schools, this is certainly not what it had in mind. While the escort site’s address is similar to …

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More than 15,000 sex workers are making a beeline for Milan to cash in on the tourist boom the city expects for its imminent 2015 Expo World Fair – which has now been dubbed “Sexpo” by locals.

Campaigners from the Lombardy Anti-Trafficking Association say that, beginning in May, thousands of escorts will converge on Europe’s capital of design, football and fashion for the six-month event that is expected to attract over 20 million visitors from Italy and around the world.

Appropriately, given Expo’s global aspirations – 150 countries are taking part – the prostitutes will hail from a wide variety of countries …

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  • Porn star Mercedes Carrera created a scholarship for college students interested in math and science.
  • Carrera solicited donations to fund the scholarship during a live, erotic webcam show.
  • She hopes the scholarship will help “build bridges” between the porn industry and charities.

In February, current and prospective college students considering careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) will be eligible to apply for a scholarship funded entirely by porn.

In January, Mercedes Carrera, an American pornographic actress, teamed up with the Fine Young Capitalists, a self-described radical feminist group, to create a merit-based scholarship for students considering careers in the aforementioned fields.

The STEM …

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The news industry can learn a lot from porn—just like the online video industry already has. The problem? Finding people gutsy enough to bring up an innovation they saw on a porn site in a board meeting. 

Have you masturbated today? According to the Kinsey Institute, you probably have. Over 50 percent of adults between 18 and 50 years old masturbate daily.

Whether it’s in a magazine, on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or television, porn might be becoming easier to find than clean water. Last year alone, Covenant Eyes, an Internet research firm, reported that the adult film industry created 13,000 …

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In an abrupt reversal of policy, Google will soon disappear blogs on its Blogger platform that don’t conform to its new anti-adult policies.

Google will soon disappear blogs on its Blogger platform that don’t conform to its new anti-adult policies.

Every Blogger user behind an “adult content warning” page was told Monday by Google to delete sexually explicit content, or find their blog removed from every form of access except registered users.

Until today, Google’s Blogger platform previously allowed “images or videos that contain nudity or sexual activity,” and stated that “Censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on …

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The UK just announced a change in the guidelines that govern online pornography, and people are scared that the government is embarking on a far-reaching crackdown on porn. The Independent, for instance, is reporting that “the measures appear to take aim at female pleasure.”

That’s not really true. There isn’t a lengthy list of sex acts that will be been banned overnight, and the law isn’t targeting women. Instead, the ban actually seems to be a good thing. It mainly just bans the type of porn that involves violent criminal acts. And it doesn’t ban you from watching the product.

Porn studios …

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